STNA Salary

How much does an STNA make? If you are considering a career as a nursing assistant in Ohio, then you probably want to know what a typical STNA salary is. Fortunately the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes this salary data. Their most recent figures that are available are from May of 2013.

According to the BLS data, the average salary of an STNA is $24,700. Or if you would prefer to the know the average hourly wage, it is $11.87. Of course these salary figures are just averages, and when you are just starting out you may make less than this

As with any job, the amount you make will vary based on your expericence, your location, and your employer. The BLS also provides salary ranges. The bottom 10% of State Tested Nursing Assistants in Ohio make $9.07 per hour while the top 10% make $15.35 per hour. This should give you a good idea of how much to aim for as your career progresses.

The type of health care facility that you work at can also make a big difference. Based on national data, 38% of nursing assistants work at nursing care facilites, with an average hourly wage of $12.01. Another 19% work at continuing care retirement communites and assisted living facilities, with an average hourly wage of $11.70. Specialty hospitals employ 9% of a nursing assistants, at an average wage of $13.60. Home health care services employ 6% of nurse aides, at an average wage of $11.51.

Based on this STNA salary data, the highest paying jobs in are hospitals, but these may not be the easiest jobs to get. When first starting out, you may need to take the first job available. Once you gain some work experience you can start looking for better paying positions to earn more money and to advance your career.