How to Become an STNA

Becoming an STNA is a great way to get started with a career in the rapidly growing medical field. STNA stands for State Tested Nursing Assistant, and you must obtain this certification prior to working as a nurse aide in Ohio. Your STNA certification will allow you to work in any health care setting including assisted living, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Becoming an STNA is not too hard, just follow these steps.

How to Become an STNA

1. To be eligible for the certification exam you need to complete a state approved course. To find a nearby course you can review our directory of STNA Classes.

2. Once you find a convenient class that fits your schedule, apply for admission. Admission requirements vary, but you will need to be at least 16 years old and you must have a TB test. Certain criminal offenses may disqualify you as well. Classes usually cost in the range of $450 to $950. There may also be fees for books and uniforms.

3. You will normally be accepted as long as you complete the application, meet the admission requirements, and pay the course fee. (Sometimes just a deposit is required and some schools offer payment plans.)

4. Make sure you attend all of your classes. The state minimum training requirements are 59 hours of classroom work and 16 hours of clinical training, for a total of 75 hours. Many STNA programs can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. Evening and weekend programs often take 4-8 weeks.

5. Once you have completed your STNA course you are eligible to take the Ohio certification exam. This test has 79 multiple choice questions along with a skills test. To prepare for your test be sure to review our STNA practice test. You may want to buy an STNA study guide for additional test prep.

6. When you pass the test you will officially become a State Tested Nursing Assistant! You can now look for employment as an STNA. There is a shortage of certified nursing assistants, so there are usually a lot of jobs available.